The Plymouth Players is a drama troupe that prepares dramatic productions periodically for the Music Series and special worship services.  In recent years, the Players have put together outstanding musical productions as part of the Summer Arts Festival at Plymouth, which takes place during Three Rivers Festival.  For more information about participating in the Players, contact Robert Nance.

Plymouth Special Events

Mardi Gras Monday or Shrove Tuesday Celebration is held before the beginning of Lent, each year. We share a meal of pancakes and sausage and enjoy an evening of games, entertainment, and fellowship.

Plymouth Rocks is an evening of live classic Rock & Roll music and dancing in the Folsom Room, with burgers, hotdogs, fries, and snacks of all kinds hosted by the Plymouth youth for folks of all ages.

Three Rivers Festival Fireworks Cookout, sponsored by the Congregational Life Committee, is an outreach celebration held in the church parking lot to enjoy food, friendship, and fireworks!

Valerie Tutson is a frequent visitor and friend of Plymouth. Her story-telling ability is world-renowned and provides keen insights and understanding for everyday life and those ever present difficult situations.

The Parry Lecture at Plymouth Church is a ministry made possible through the benevolence of Arthur and Anne Mae Parry, Jr., whose funding first seeded the lectures in memory of Arthur's parents, Arthur and Marguerite Parry, Sr. We are most grateful to Arthur and Anna Mae, whose generosity has contributed so significantly to the educational ministry, as well as the outreach efforts, of Plymouth Church.

It is the intent of the Parry Lectures to bring to Plymouth Church and to Fort Wayne the pioneering thinkers and interpreters of Christian faith, tradition, and practice. Through the lecture we seek to explore contemporary thought that will ground us more fully in a faith that is as wise as it is relevant.

Past lecturers have included: Martin Marty, William Sloan Coffin, Sam Keen, Bishop John Shelby Spong, Thomas Troeger, Elias "Abuna" Chacour, Ted Peters, Walter and June Wink, Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, Rita Nakashima Brock, Luke Timothy Johnson, Joan Brown Campbell, Gary Dorrien, and Norman Wirzba.